About Us

Online Business Growth = Good Ideas + Good Tools


We take care of selection, you take care of growth!


Your time and money are the things we value most.


About the Founder

Hey Guys! I’m the founder of WebSoftGate.com, Garin.


I majored in finance in college and got my master’s degree in 2021.


After graduating, I worked in investment for a real estate company for 2 years.

Why I Created This Site

I started this site by coincidence.


I am a freedom seeker and the 9 to 5 job frustrated me, so I started looking for a side hustle.


Fortunately, I learned about website building and affiliate marketing and they paid me well.


When my side hustle income greatly exceeded my salary, I quit my job naked.


I have to say, the joy of quitting is more than you can imagine, and I now hope to pass that joy on to you as well!


I created the website WebSoftGate.com and posted everything I know about Online Business and What Tools to be used here, and that’s how this website came to be.